Low-cost, zero-carbon
Heat and/or Power from a
1Energy Centre

1Energy develops, designs, builds, owns and operates:

Zero carbon,
publicly accessible district heating schemes.

1Energy Centres on Industrial and Commercial
user sites.

Our Services

For Industrial and Commercial customers


Guaranteed cheaper than grid power;

No upfront costs, no 'payback' period;

100% renewable under the GHG protocol;


We take energy price risk.

... + HEAT

If you have taken the Discount Power option, it may also be possible to supply you with heat at a discount to current costs

For Local Authorities


Zero-carbon, city-wide, publicly accessible district heating schemes developed, designed, financed, built and operated in partnership with 1Energy.


Customers we serve


If one or more of your sites have the following characteristics, it could be a good site for a 1Energy Centre

  • Power consumption > 15 GWh / yr

  • Own land under site, or have 10 yrs on lease

  • Not eligible for RO / CfD / FiT exemption

  • EU-ETS site

  • Gas connection already in place

  • If you have a heat demand more than space heating, your benefit could be enhanced.


If one or more of your sites have the following characteristics, it may be possible to create a 1Energy Centre at your site

  • The site is a multi-storey office building

  • You are the owner of the building and of the heating and cooling equipment

  • You supply heat / cool and power to your tenants and charge them for these services


If you're contemplating building a district heating scheme with the following types of characteristics, 1Energy could work with you to bring it to reality with little / no reliance of Local Authority funding.

  • Moving to zero-carbon heat supply to meet your net-zero target date

  • City-wide, publicly accessible district heating schemes to ensure the private sector have access to zero-carbon heat

  • Retrofit of existing Authority buildings post the ban of gas boilers

  • Joint Ventures with the private sector to develop and fund the schemes