Discount Power + Heat

What is Discount Power + Heat?

Your current Grid Power Supply
(as backup)

New Gas Supply



Your Site


Grid Power Supply
and associated costs

Gas Supply (as-is)

1Energy will:

  • Build an energy centre adjoining your site

  • Supply 100% of your site’s power requirement on a ‘private-wire’

  • Supply you power at a 15%* discount to grid price

  • Take over your electricity grid connection and costs

  • Supply Power that is ‘renewable electricity’ under the GHG Protocol

  • Not impact your balance sheet: contract is Off Balance Sheet

  • + supply some / all of your site heat requirement at a discount rate*

* Site dependent

Benefits of Discount Power + Heat

Large immediate savings with no 'payback' period

  • You will always pay less than the delivered price of energy from the grid: we take on the risk

  • No entry or exit costs

  • Large immediate savings with no ‘payback period’

High volume, low carbon power

Low Carbon.png
  • 1Energy Carbon intensity:       0.495 kg CO2 / MWh

  • Grid Carbon intensity:         100-300 kg CO2 / MWh

Let experts manage your power supply

  • 1Energy has been formed by experienced distributed energy executives from large energy firms and project developers: we've done this for many years already!

  • We are experienced at managing the financial risk of operations and provide you with a guaranteed discount to grid prices

Frees you from network considerations

Site Plan.jpg

Site growth at lower cost: 

  • Grow beyond current connection capacity*

  • Improves business case for growth through avoiding reinforcement cost

Operational Flexibility: 

  • Avoid local network constraints (today or tomorrow) that limit consumption at certain times of day

Higher Power Quality: 

  • Longer lifetimes on site equipment

  • Lower power consumption by equipment

Improved resilience

  • During normal operations 1Energy uses gas to create electricity for your site

  • During periods of maintenance 1Energy will supply your site using grid power on the same 15% discount rate

Off Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet.jpg
  • We are the same as your current Supplier

  • Under IFRS16 we remain off balance sheet

    • We will not lease or sell you equipment

    • You will not receive substantially all of the benfits

    • You do not have the ability to direct the use of the asset

Simple energy and cost management

Lower cost to manage.png
  • No need for 'price watching' or advisory to 'beat the market'

  • No need for internal trading team or external traders

Supply some / all of your heat requirement

  • In cases where your site has greater than moderate heat demand, 1Energy will expand the feasibility study to include the consideration of your heat requirements

  • For Industrial sites

    • Feasibility depends upon heat demand and type, and complexity of integration

  • For Commercial Buildings

    • The 1Energy business Case works best if you do not currently have CHP