District Heating

1Energy Zero-Carbon District Heating

1Energy works in partnership with Local Authorities to develop, build and operate city wide, publicly accessible, zero-carbon district heating schemes with little to no reliance on Local Authority funding*.

If your Local Authority has declared a Climate Emergency and a net-zero carbon target date, and you are investigating the role that district heating can play in your city's decarbonisation, 1Energy can help.

Local Authorities don't have to skill-up on how to develop, design, build or operate city-wide district heating schemes: its a huge undertaking. 

1Energy will:

  • Work with our Local Authority partner to develop the project through feasibility study and outline business case for a low or zero-carbon district heating scheme.

  • Bring the 1Energy commercial and financial structuring into the development process to open up private sector finance into public infrastructure.

  • Source private sector, and where required, GHNF financing for projects.

  • Possibly enter into a Joint Venture with the Local Authority partner to jointly own the scheme.

  • Bring together all the capability sets required to design, build, and operate the district heating scheme, including retailing heat and power to customers.

* Scheme dependent

Benefits of 1Energy District Heating

No need to hire new staff to build capability to deliver

  • We understand that very many Local Authorities have very stretched staff and resources, particularly in the field of energy, but this shouldn't stop the city from achieving the city's decarbonisation agenda.

  • 1Energy partners with Local Authorities to develop, deliver and operate city-wide, low and zero carbon, publicly accessible district heating schemes without the need for the Local Authority to recruit a new internal team to do it.

Little-to-no use of Local Authority or PWLB funds

  • Local Authority finances are already stretched: revenue and capital funding should be conserved for the very critical services provided by Local Authorities.

  • Recent tightening of CIPFA Guidance on the use of PWLB could mean that PWLB is less likely to be able to be deployed for District Heating in the amounts required for city-wide decarbonisation. 

  • 1Energy shape projects commercially and financially to be attractive to private sector investors whilst still fulfilling Local Authority objectives.

High volume, low or zero carbon power and heat

  • 1Energy can bring together the required skill-sets to design a commercially attractive low or zero-carbon energy system.

  • The most beneficial system for heat users could be a phased transition to net-zero heat generation; 1Energy can design for the transition over time.

  • This could also include the use of Green Gas or Renewable Gas  certificates for the gas backup boilers to meet net-zero target dates.

Get a 'smart' district heat system

  • 1Energy are experts at delivering greater value from energy systems through optimisation.

  • 1Energy advises on system design to achieve higher commercial and financial efficiency, leading to lower bills for customers.

  • The district heating system can become one pillar of your smart city.

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Private Wire Power: 

  • Private wore power for commercial and industrial customers is cheaper than grid power, and can lead to substantial savings for customers

Embed and monetise Flexibility: 

  • System heat and power flexibility is able to drive significant efficiency increase, and thus lower bills for heat and power customers.

Interface to power and flexibility markets: 

  • ESO and DSO Flexibility Markets

  • Balancing Mechanism, and wholesale markets (imbalance and price)

Connect waste heat sources

  • In order to drive efficiency from resource use, we can develop commercial models to incentivise users with excess heat to sell it into the network, driving lower pricing for customers.

  • 1Energy can also develop sources of heat already present in the city to be connected to the heat network, for example, capturing heat from sewers, data centre or mine/river water.

Let experts help you

  • 1Energy has been formed by experienced distributed energy executives from large energy firms and project developers: we've done this for many years already.

  • We are experienced at developing successful projects and businesses.

  • We have worked closely with Local Authorities, and understand your objectives, hurdles and goals.